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by Blau (blaurhapsody)
at August 13th, 2007 (11:37 pm)

"Hey, Shikamaru?" Chouji asked, laying next to his teammate and gazing up at the sky. Despite there not being a lot of clouds, Shikamaru still insisted on going outside to watch the sky. It was a bit boring for Chouji, who went along since he had nothing better to do; at least when it was a little cloudy, Chouji had something to look at. But no. Today, he had watched the tree branches waving in the wind. But that had gotten boring after awhile, and so Chouji spoke.

"Hmm?" Shikamaru grunted, too energetically handicapped to reply properly.

"How much does someone copy your movements when you do the shadow possession?" rolling his head to the side, Chouji watched Shikamaru. Muttering something that sounded suspiciously like 'troublesome...', Shikamaru sighed and sat up. A gust of wind blew then, harder than the others, and chillier as well. Beneath the mesh shirt, Chouji could see that Shikamaru's nipples were hard. Blinking, he glanced down at his own; they weren't stiff. Then again, Chouji did have a bit more clothing on...

Following Chouji's gaze, Shikamaru sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Blinking, Chouji sat up as well.

"Is something wron-" whatever he had been about to say was cut off when Shikamaru cast his shadow possession jutsu on Chouji. Shikamaru stared at Chouji's chest for a moment before lifting up his own shirt, Chouji copying and lifting up his shirt as well.

"Well," Shikamaru said dryly. "That's interesting."

For there, on Chouji's man-titties, were two erect nipples.

Please to be warned I don't read the manga much. xD;;


Posted by: [individuality stunted~♥] (onirei_kirara)
Posted at: August 14th, 2007 12:22 pm (UTC)
[Itachi] fapp fapp cat  :3


I cried.

From the awesome.

Posted by: Blau (blaurhapsody)
Posted at: August 14th, 2007 09:02 pm (UTC)

I'm glad! :D

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